Widespread Flooding Threat across US, Last Day of Heat before Cool Down

Alyssa Guenther

Coast-to-coast thunderstorms will bring flooding threats to several areas across US and continue over several days, Last day of heat before pattern change brings cool down, More weather news and 3-day forecast. NWS weather alerts for Tuesday Here are Tuesday’s weather alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS). Excessive heat warning: New Jersey, …

Rounds of Storms to Bring Multi-Day Severe Weather and Flooding Risk

Alyssa Guenther

Thunderstorms in the West and eastern US will bring multiple days of potential severe weather to the east, as well as a flooding risk to the Ohio Valley and Southwest, while temperatures soar. The 3-day forecast. NWS weather alerts The National Weather Service (NWS) issued weather alerts for the following areas on …

High Risk of Flooding across US this Week with Multiple Rounds of Storms

Alyssa Guenther

Multiple rounds of thunderstorms will bring heavy rain and a high risk of flooding to many areas across the US this week, historic St. Louis flooding, drought dries up stretch of Rio Grande, weather alerts and 3-day forecast. NWS weather alerts for Tuesday: Here are the latest weather alerts from the National …

Heat Wave Expands Moving to the East, Severe Weather through Weekend

Alyssa Guenther

A heat wave in the US continues to build with scorching temps in the central US, while highs begin to climb in parts of the East triggering warnings, and the 3-day forecast includes severe weather in the Midwest, South, East. NWS weather alerts for Tuesday The National Weather Service (NWS) …

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