Flash Flood Threat for 6 States in the West, 6 States in the South

Maria Gale August 2, 2021

Thunderstorms will span the southern corridor today as well as the western half of the US, bringing the threat of flash flooding to nearly 2 dozen states, while some areas have already experienced significant flooding. Major flash flooding threat in the West A number of areas in the West are …

Oregon Fire Creating its Own Weather, Flash Flood Risk for the South

Maria Gale July 20, 2021

Oregon Fire Creating its Own Weather, Flash Flood Risk for the South The Bootleg Fire in Oregon is creating its weather, as heat and wildfires rage in the West, officials fear lightning could spark additional wildfires, while thunderstorms bring flood threat to 6 states in the South on Tuesday. The …

Flood Threat, Damaging Winds, Power Outages Affecting Millions across the US

Maria Gale July 14, 2021

Over 90 million people across the U.S. are under threat from damaging winds as three severe weather fronts also bring the danger of flash flooding, while thousands are without power from coast to coast. Severe weather threatening over 90 million people Two severe threats, including an expansive front over the …

Elsa Possible Hurricane Before Florida Landfall, Severe Weather Northeast

Maria Gale July 6, 2021

The latest forecast by the NHC warns Tropical Storm Elsa could increase to hurricane strength before making landfall in Florida, a hurricane watch, while a separate storm front brings a severe storm threat to the Northeast. Tropical Storm Elsa expected to strengthen near Key West As of 8 a.m. EDT …

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