3-Day Outlook: Severe Weather, Snow and Freezing Rain


Severe thunderstorms over the central US, while a wintry mix and snow in the West, with both weather conditions moving east over the next two days and bringing potential ice storms. Here’s your 3-day weather outlook.

Here is your national weather outlook Wednesday through Friday according to the latest forecast by the National Weather Service (NWS).

3-day outlook for the West

Wednesday: Mixed precipitation over the Northwest and northern Rockies, northern Utah, and central Colorado. Snow over parts of Western and south-central Montana into southeastern Idaho and western Wyoming.

Thursday: Heavy rain with potential flooding over Western Washington and Northwestern Oregon and an ice storm over central Washington. Mixed precipitation over Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, northern Nevada and Utah, southeastern Wyoming, and northern Colorado. Snow over southwestern and central Montana, as well as western and north-central Wyoming.

Friday: Mixed precipitation over Washington, Idaho, Montana, and parts of Wyoming and Colorado, with possible freezing rain for eastern Montana.

3-day outlook for the central US

Wednesday: Mixed precipitation over portions of the Dakotas and Minnesota, while rain for South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Thunderstorms over parts of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, and eastern Texas. Potential severe weather over central and south-central Oklahoma into northeastern Texas near Dallas.

Thursday: Snow over North Dakota and northwestern Minnesota, heavy snow in some spots. Mixed precipitation in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and portions of South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Thunderstorms over eastern Texas.

Friday: Freezing rain over western North Dakota. Snow over North Dakota, South Dakota, northeastern Nebraska, Western Iowa, western and northern Minnesota. A wintry mix over portions of Minnesota, Iowa, Montana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

3-day outlook for the South

Wednesday: Thunderstorms over Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, western Kentucky and Tennessee, southern Alabama, eastern Florida and the Panhandle.

Thursday: Thunderstorms over Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, the Carolinas, and the Virginias.

Friday: Thunderstorms over southeastern Louisiana, southern Mississippi, and Alabama, central and southern Georgia, southeastern Florida in the Panhandle, western South Carolina, eastern North Carolina, and Virginia. Rain over northern Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, and southern West Virginia. A wintry mix over central and northern West Virginia.

3-day outlook for the East

Wednesday: Mostly clear, with rain over northern Vermont, New Hampshire, and southern Maine. A wintry mix over northern New Hampshire and central Maine east to West.

Thursday: Rain over the Ohio Valley and Northeast while clear over Maine. A wintry mix over central New Hampshire. Thunderstorms over southern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and into Maryland and Delaware.

Friday: Mixed precipitation over the Ohio Valley and into Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Rain over eastern Pennsylvania and southern New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine. Thunderstorms over portions of Maryland, Delaware, southeastern Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.