Bobcat Fire Becomes One of Los Angeles County’s Biggest


Fires continue to blaze through many areas of California, but it’s the Bobcat Fire that is doing serious damage in Los Angeles County at the moment.

Due to windy conditions over the weekend, the wildfire actually got bigger and forced evacuations all over the area.

The fire, which has already burned more than 164 square miles, has destroyed homes, and a nature center, is now one of the largest fires ever recorded in the county.

Who Has Been Evacuated

The fire has been burning since September 6, but according to an update from the Angeles National Forest, it has only been 15% contained.

Needless to say, thousands of people in the area have been evacuated and more will have to evacuate in the future if this is not contained ASAP.

Juniper Hill and Crystal Lake are all under evacuation orders, as are areas near Colby Ranch, Hidden Springs, Devils Punch Bowl, and Paradise Springs.

In fact, according to CBS Los Angeles, this fire is as big as a major U.S. City.

“We’ve got a fire here that is bigger than the city of Denver, and it did it in two weeks,” said Sky Cornell, who is with the L.A. County Fire Department.

Nature Center Destroyed

Over the weekend the fire destroyed a nature center at Devil’s Punchbowl Natural Area. 

The good news is no animals were harmed because the wildlife was taken to a safer location, but this center is gone for good. 

The center actually sees around 130,000 visitors every year, so one can only hope they’ll be able to rebuild soon.

The fire was also looking like it was going to threaten the Mount Wilson Observatory, but the firefighters are doing everything they can to prevent any destruction. 

Making History

As previously mentioned, the Bobcat Fire is just one of many fires destroying California this year. 

In fact, it is one of at least 27 wildfires burning in California and it is also one of the largest fires ever recorded. 

Smoke Levels Are High

These fires have completely torched more than 5,400 square miles in the state just this year alone.

And, because of all these terrible fires, the air quality in the state is absolutely awful.

The pollution levels in the air is so high that it was beyond what the Environmental Protection Agency’s Air Quality Index even measures.

What’s worse is September and October are usually the peak of California’s fire season, which means we may see even more pop up in the coming weeks.