Coldest Air in 3 Years Coming to the US this Week


Major cities across the US will feel like they are below zero this week, as bitter cold sets in, the most frigid air the nation has seen in three years; plus, more weather news and your 3-day forecast.

US braces for coldest air in 3 years

Frigid temperatures will strike major cities in the US this week, particularly in the Northeast. In the upper Midwest, wind chills are forecast to be as low as 45 degrees below zero are possible across the northern tier, NBC reported. New York and Boston are poised to plummet to their lowest temperatures since 2019. The Northeast and New England could see wind chills as cold as 35 degrees below zero.

On Monday, the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region was expected to see its lowest temperatures. However, the potential for very heavy Lake-effect snow is expected through Tuesday, as some locations could receive up to 2 feet, with 3 inches per hour snowfall rates. Thundersnow is also possible.

The remainder of the East is expected to see its coldest day on Tuesday.

The wind chill forecast for the East on Tuesday is as follows: Caribou -35, other parts of Maine -23, Burlington, Vermont -13, New Hampshire -8, Albany -2, Bangor -1, Boston 1, New York City 2, Buffalo 11.

The wind chill forecast elsewhere will see -9 and -6 in Minnesota, -5 in Wisconsin, -2 in Idaho, CNN and Fox reported.

3-Day forecast

Here is your 3-day outlook based on the latest forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS).


Spotty snow over Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Significant snow over northern Michigan, western and northern New York. Some snow or for north Vermont.

Freezing rain over parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Rain for much of central Texas extends east to the Gulf and along Florida’s eastern coast.


Snow over Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, northern Illinois, Indiana and Ohio, western Pennsylvania, central and northern New York, and northern Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Freezing rain over Washington Oregon and Idaho, as well as central and southern Wisconsin, southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa and Northern Illinois.

Rain over central, southern, and eastern Florida and the Carolina coasts.


Snow over northeastern North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, northern Illinois, in the regions of the north of New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Freezing rain over the Dakotas, Minnesota and Iowa.

Mixed precipitation in the northern regions of the West, as well as through the mid-South and mid-Atlantic.

Rain for Southern Florida and the coastal areas of the Carolinas.