Deadly Hornets and The Changes of Weather: Their Likes and Dislikes

An Asian hornets’ nest can reach a temperature of close to 86 degrees without them needing to leave. In fact, their nests are usually located underground and out of sight.

The murderous hornets are known to come out during the springtime, but what happens to them during the winter?

Can They Survive Under Any Weather?

Research into these deadly creatures has shown that the majority of murderous hornets cannot live through the winter months.

The mated queens of wasps and hornets are the only ones that survive because of where they hibernate.

The mated queens usually hibernate underground, under bark, or in a rock crevice, away from any potential harm. During each spring, however, they awake and start a new nest because the queens never go back to their old nest.

Talk about a royal treatment.

If you like to travel or hike during winter months, then there is a good chance that you will not have to worry about the deadly hornets at all.