Heat Wave Expands Moving to the East, Severe Weather through Weekend

A heat wave in the US continues to build with scorching temps in the central US, while highs begin to climb in parts of the East triggering warnings, and the 3-day forecast includes severe weather in the Midwest, South, East.

NWS weather alerts for Tuesday

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued the following alerts for Tuesday:

High wind warning: eastern Montana; northwestern South Dakota.

Wind advisory: eastern Montana, southern North Dakota; northern, western and central South Dakota.

Flash flood warning: northeastern Alabama.

Flood advisory: northeastern Alabama; western South Dakota.

Excessive heat warning: central and south-central California; northern Arizona; Oklahoma; central, southern and eastern Texas; Arkansas; northern Louisiana; northwestern Mississippi, western Tennessee.

Heat advisory for portions of: New Mexico, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

Red flag warning: northern California; eastern Wyoming; southwestern South Dakota; western and north-central Nebraska; Dallas and Fort Worth areas of Texas.

The 3-day forecast: Dangerous heat wave, severe weather

The heat wave over the US is expected to build and expand throughout the week, challenging temperature records and continuing into next week, as some of the hottest temps of the year are expected. Today and onward, parts of the East will see 90+ temperatures with heat indexes in the triple digits. The heat wave is expected to extend through the end of July.

Here is the latest 3-day forecast according to the National Weather Service (NWS) and the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

Tuesday: Severe weather, dangerous heat

Dangerous heat around the nation on Tuesday (see weather alerts above).

Scattered thunderstorms over parts of the Southwest, with storms across the northern tier extending from Montana East over the Great Lakes and into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. In the South, thunderstorms east of the Mississippi over the South and Southeast to the Atlantic.

Level 2 severe weather risk over the upper Midwest, according to the SPC, to include portions of northern and east-central Minnesota, northern Wisconsin and northern Michigan.

Wednesday: Heat, thunderstorms, severe weather Ohio Valley

Scattered thunderstorms in the West and parts of the Midwest, with significant thunderstorms east of the Mississippi.

Level 2 severe weather risk over northern Kentucky, southeastern Indiana, and most of Ohio, potentially crossing into western Pennsylvania, according to the SPC.

Thursday: Severe weather on two fronts, thunderstorms and heat continues

Scattered thunderstorms over parts of the Southwest, upper Midwest, across the South and Southeast, and over the Northeast.

Level 2 severe weather risk on two fronts according to the SPC. In the Northeast, over eastern New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine. In the South, over the border of northeastern Louisiana into central Mississippi, central Alabama and west-central Georgia.