How to Prepare Your Home for Intense Winds

Tornado season is coming to the midwest, hurricane season is well on its way to the coastal areas… now is the time to prepare your home for intense winds and severe weather, no matter where you are in the United States.

If you’re gearing up for either of these seasons, here are some of our best tips to protect your home in the event of high winds and bad weather.

Assess Your Outside – What Needs to be Done?

Take a walk around your property. See those tree branches, sticks, and other loose gardening junk? Yeah, that can all go through your window if the weather is bad enough.

Now is the perfect time to get anything that the wind could pick up out of the lawn and into a contractor or gardening bag. Consider securing small pots as well – even digging a bit into the ground and planting the pot itself will help make it more secure.

Trees should also be considered. Do you have any loose or damaged branches on your trees? Are some of your trees dead, and you’ve just put off taking care of them? Now is the time! A strong gust of wind could do serious damage to that tree, and your property.

Storm Shutters Are a Great Idea!

If you’re in an area that regularly experiences intense storms, like tornado alley or on the coast, storm shutters are a great addition to your house.

Just because you’re the only one in the area who has them doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea, and it’s possible you could save on your homeowner’s insurance if you install them.

Even if you’re not going get storm shutters, have a plan to secure doors, windows, and even your garage in the event of an intense weather situation. If you’re looking at a serious hurricane or tornado, nailing down plywood can save you thousands of dollars in home repair bills.

Bad Weather Incoming? Turn Up Your Fridge and Fridger

If you’re anything like me, you leave your fridge and freezer at normal temperatures. But if you’re in the midst of preparing for intense winds, you might want to consider turning these up. Why?

There’s a good chance if you experience a serious wind situation, you’re going to lose power. Turning your fridge and freezer up to a colder setting will help hold onto the cold longer, meaning your food will last longer.

Finally, Have a Good Emergency Kit

If you’re facing down a tornado season, or a bad hurricane season, you need to have the right emergency supplies. This is the best time to check your stash, so to speak.

You should have food supplies for at least three days, and ideally a clean water supply for at least a week. Don’t forget your pets, too – they need water, food, and even treats.

A battery-operated radio is great to keep in touch with the outside world, and consider purchasing the rechargeable battery packs for electronic devices. While you never know how long you’ll be out of power, this is a good back up for contacting the outside world if your house gets damaged.

Extra flashlights, batteries, and even candles are all great things to keep on hand. Consider entertainment, too – stash a few activity books and pens to pass the time until the power gets restored and life goes back to normal.