Ocean Storm to Hit Northern Atlantic

Late this week, an ocean storm will sweep across the northeast bringing rain and wind. Minor coastal flooding is possible in the northeast Atlantic area before the ocean storm moves into the open Atlantic this weekend.

As the storm moves east, the rain being forced by strong winds could transition into a subtropical storm or depression in the northern Atlantic.

Ocean Storm Path by Day

Through Thursday evening, rain will dump over a large swath of New England and portions of New York. In higher terrains including the interior New England and in the Adirondack Mountains of New York, wet snow is possible.

Going into Friday, parts of New York and New England will continue to see rain showers which should subside by Saturday morning. Gusty winds will remain along the Northeast coastline until the storm moves further away.

Subtropical Storm Possible

A subtropical storm is not normally as strong as a hurricane, but it can evolve into one. The ocean storm currently moving through has a large area of low pressure which will move southeastward to the Atlantic Ocean setting it up to potentially develop into a subtropical storm or tropical depression.

If the storm does develop into a subtropical storm, it will be the first one of the year. The National Hurricane Center would then issue a number and name – if it does develop, the first named storm of the year will be Arthur.

Although the development of this type of storm in April does not occur very frequently, it has happened more than a few times throughout history. In 2017, Tropical Storm Arlene began as a non-tropical low-pressure storm much like the one currently happening and developed into a subtropical depression. Arlene later transitioned into a full-blown tropical storm in the north-central Atlantic.

In 2003, Tropical Storm Ana followed a similar transition near Bermuda and both Ana and Arlene occurred near the same area the current storm path is taking. Given the similarities of what could become Arthur when compared to Ana and Arlene, a tropical storm is certainly possible.

The good news is that if Arthur does develop into a subtropical depression or a full-blown tropical storm, it will continue to move east away from the United States. Periods of rain and wind will inevitable for Bermuda despite the development of Arthur.

Through the weekend, folks near the path of the storm can expect strong winds and rain until the storm moves further east.