Over 36 Million People Under Heat Alerts From Coast-To-Coast

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From the Plains to the South to the Northeast, as well as in the Southwest where over 36 million people in 19 states are under heat warnings, watches, and advisories on Tuesday, severe thunderstorm warning for upper Midwest.

Heat alerts for Tuesday

The National Weather Service has issued heat alerts in at least 19 states across the nation.

Excessive heat warning: southeastern and eastern Arkansas; northeastern Louisiana; western Mississippi.

Excessive Heat Watch: southeastern and southern California; southeastern and southern Arizona.

Heat Advisory: southeastern South Dakota; eastern Nebraska; north-central and eastern Kansas; eastern Oklahoma; eastern Texas; central and southern Iowa; Missouri; Arkansas; Louisiana; Illinois; southern Michigan; Indiana; northwestern Ohio; western Kentucky; western Tennessee; western, central and southern Mississippi.

Strong thunderstorms, warnings

The upper Midwest and Ohio Valley will see thunderstorms on Tuesday with warnings for severity in two states. The National Weather Service has issued severe thunderstorm warnings for southern Minnesota and central Wisconsin.

Strong storms are also possible and parts of the Northeast over Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine as the remnants of post-tropical cyclone Henri remain.

Thunderstorms will also be likely in the Southwest over parts of southern Arizona and New Mexico as tropical storm Marty moves towards Mexico.

In the South, thunderstorms will extend west to east from Texas to the Carolinas and northward into parts of Arkansas, Missouri, and into the Ohio Valley.

Three disturbances to watch in the tropics

As post-tropical cyclone Henri moves out of the Northeast and back into the Atlantic, three new tropical disturbances in the Atlantic are being watched for potential development by the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Local 10 reports.

Hurricane season peaks on Sept. 10 and runs until Dec. 1. The next three named storms will be called Ida, Julian, and Kate.

Tropical disturbance #1 is currently north of South America, moving towards Central America and the NHC says it has a good chance, 60 percent, of development in the next five days and by the weekend.

Tropical disturbance #2 has a fair chance of forming into a tropical depression in the middle of the Atlantic and current indications make it likely it will move out to sea after forming. The NHC says it has a 30 percent chance of development within the next five days.

Tropical disturbance #3 is currently east of Africa with only a slight chance of development over the next several days and no indication of any threat to land currently.