Restaurant Owners Fearful of Cold Weather


As we head towards colder weather, restaurant owners are concerned about keeping their doors open as many places are still dealing with indoor capacity limits.

While many eateries have expanded their outdoor dining situation over the summer to accommodate customers, that will no longer be an option as the temperature continues to drop across the country.

It’s become a growing concern for owners who are worried about being able to make enough money during the winter months if they can’t fill their indoor rooms with people.

Not to mention, fewer people will probably be going out to eat in large groups for holiday parties and the fear of the second wave of COVID-19 may keep people out of restaurants for quite some time.

Owners Are Worried For the Future

For many restaurant owners, expanding outdoor eating is not something that will keep these establishments open in the long run.

“Even in good weather, outdoor dining is not a solution,” Niki Russ Federman, co-owner of the Russ & Daughters told CNBC.

“It’s not even a Band-Aid. It’s a desperate lifeline to hang on a little longer until there’s actual relief.”

The West Coast is Struggling Too

Despite having fairly nice weather throughout most of the year, the West Coast is also struggling with limited indoor capacity.

In Seattle, restaurant owners are having to deal with the constant rain and the fact that the air quality is so poor at the moment.

Not to mention, restaurants are having to invest their own money in order to get better umbrellas, seating, and even heating lamps.

“It’s definitely harder, but it’s a litmus test for how we want to change the outside seating for the future, if we want to add more umbrellas, if we want to do something for the storms or the cold,” Mar Maynard, General Manager of Ada’s Technical Books and Café in Seattle, told Komo News.

Denver is Getting Innovative

Denver, which is one of the cities that will be impacted by the changing weather very soon, is already finding ways to still accommodate outdoor seating.

In fact, many restaurants have created “snow globes” that will cover specific areas of the outdoor space. 

This will keep people safe from the elements while also encouraging social distancing.

“Some restaurants are going to do whatever they can to take advantage of that outdoor seating as long as possible, and others just say they don’t know whether it’s worth it or not,” Sonia Riggs, CEO of the Colorado Restaurant Association, told 9News.

It is clear restaurants will do whatever it takes to keep their doors open, even if that means getting a little creative this winter.