Severe Weather Possible on Two Fronts, Potential Tropical System in Gulf

Scattered thunderstorms will stretch over a large swath of the nation on Tuesday, while a system with the chance of tropical development could impact Texas late week, the latest 3-day forecast and weather alerts.

NWS weather alerts

Here are the latest weather alerts by the National Weather Service (NWS) for Tuesday:

Excessive heat warning: northern Arizona.

Heat advisory: south-central and southwestern California.

Flood watch: southern New Mexico and extreme western Texas.

System in Gulf approaching Texas, could reach tropical strength

An area of disturbed weather brewing in the Gulf of Mexico south of Louisiana and east of Texas is being given a 30% chance of tropical development within the next five days, according to the National Hurricane Center (NHC).

The area currently designated as Disturbance 1, has also been dubbed Invest 95L by the NHC, the Weather Channel reports.

“Regardless of development, heavy rain will be possible along portions of the Texas coast later this week,” the NHC wrote. According to current forecasts the storm could impact Texas somewhere between Houston and Brownsville.

The 3-day forecast

Scattered thunderstorms from west to east this week, with two potential fronts of severe weather, as well as flooding on Tuesday. No severe weather is currently in the forecast for Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures are expected to spike above normal for the eastern half of the nation late this week, while the West and parts of the Southwest could see below-normal temperatures.

Here is the latest 3-day forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Tuesday: Severe weather on 2 fronts, Southwest flood watch

Scattered thunderstorms over portions of the Northwest, West, Southwest, South and Southeast, as well as a second storm front over the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region.

Potential flooding over southern New Mexico and western Texas.

Potential severe weather on two separate fronts. A Level 2 severe weather risk over central Montana could bring damaging winds. A second storm front will bring a Level 2 severe weather risk over central and northern Wisconsin into northwestern Michigan, with the threat of damaging winds and hail, and a possible tornado cannot be ruled out.

Wednesday: Scattered thunderstorms, potential fire weather

Scattered thunderstorms over portions of the Northwest, upper Midwest, Great Lakes region, West and Southwest, as well as along the Gulf and over parts of the South and Southeast, and to the north over the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Currently no severe weather is in the forecast.

Rain in the Pacific Northwest, and over northern Idaho and northwestern Montana.

Potential critical fire weather over portions of Nebraska and South Dakota.

Thursday: Scattered thunderstorms

Scattered thunderstorms over parts of the West, Southwest, Midwest, Great Lakes region, as well as along the Gulf into parts of the self and Southeast. Currently no severe weather is in the forecast.