Severe Weather Threat in Central US, Heavy Snow in West, Wind Warnings

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The cold front in the West delivering snow, will collide with thunderstorms in the central US and stirring up severe weather over Midwestern several states, as well as bring the risk of flooding to three states, and wind warnings.

Severe weather and flood warnings for central US

Thunderstorms will be prevalent over the midsection of the lower 48 on Tuesday, bringing the potential for severe weather to a large portion of Nebraska, most of Kansas and Oklahoma, and northern and central Texas.

The severe weather threat will continue through the nighttime hours bringing the risk of damaging wind gusts, large hail, flash flooding, and potential tornadoes. The areas highest at risk are the Texas Panhandle Plains, western Oklahoma, as well as central and western Kansas, Fox reports.

Similar conditions are forecast over the southern Plains on Wednesday, increasing flooding threat, while thunderstorms will also move into the upper Midwest and Ohio Valley.

On Tuesday, National Weather Service (NWS) issued warnings of potential flooding over central and eastern Kansas, north-central Oklahoma, while a flash flood watch was issued across parts of the southwestern, central, and northeastern regions of Texas.

Winter weather alerts in the West, power outages

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a number of winter weather alerts across the West, including winter storm warnings for portions of Montana, Idaho, most of Wyoming and Utah, and western Colorado.

Heavy snow is anticipated for southeastern Montana, central and eastern Wyoming, and cross into western South Dakota and northwestern Colorado.

Winter storms in Utah disrupted power, with 11,876 residents without electricity as of 8 AM on Tuesday, according to

High wind warnings in West and Southern Plains

Parts of the southern Plains and West are under the threat of damaging winds on Tuesday. The NWS has issued a number of wind warnings and advisories over parts of Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Arizona.

Red flag alerts for California and Colorado, power outages

Amid strong wind and dry conditions in parts of the West, the National Weather Service (NWS) has issued red flag warnings for northern, central, western, and southern California on Tuesday, as well as for central Colorado.

On Monday, PG&E purposely shut off power to 25,000 residents in California amid “critical” fire weather conditions.

As of 8 AM on Tuesday, 55,578 residents in California remained without power, according to