Southeast Under the Threat of Torrential Rain and Flooding


Hurricane Sally swallowed homes and turned streets into rivers in Alabama and Florida on Wednesday, and threatens to do the same to other parts of the Southeast on Thursday; plus, more weather news and today’s forecast.

NWS flood alerts

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a number of flood-related alerts for the Southeast on Thursday.

Flood warning: southeastern Alabama; Florida Panhandle; southwestern Georgia.

Flash flood warning: northern and central Georgia.

Flash flood watch: northern and central Georgia; western, central and northwestern South Carolina; western, central, eastern and northeastern North Carolina; eastern Virginia; southern Maryland.

Tropical storm Sally threatens Southeast with massive rain and flooding

Sally downgraded to a tropical storm but the threat from its wrath is far from over. Despite the loss in strength, torrential rain and flooding remains a major concern.

The tropical storm will move through Alabama and central Georgia on Thursday, and then move into South Carolina in the evening in overnight hours.

On Wednesday, the slow-moving storm hovered, dumping torrential amounts of rain. Florida saw four month’s worth of rain in only four hours. Pensacola saw over 30 inches of rain, CNN reported.

At least one person died in Alabama on Wednesday, as crews near the Florida-Alabama border rescued at least 377 people.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis warned that “pretty much any body of water in northwest Florida” could see levels rise over the next few days because of Sally.

Over half a million without power

As of early Thursday morning, over half a million in the southeast were without power, including 215,656 in Florida; 285,813 in Alabama; 52,418 in Louisiana; and 36,331 in Georgia according to

The numbers are expected to rise in parts of Alabama and Georgia throughout the day as the storm moves through the area, and later into South Carolina.

US weather forecast: September 17, 2020

West: San Francisco 71, partly cloudy; Los Angeles 93, partly cloudy; Reno 85, partly cloudy; Las Vegas 104, sunny; Salt Lake City 93, sunny; Denver 88, sunny.

Northwest & Northern Rockies: Seattle 73, partly cloudy; Medford 77, partly cloudy; Boise 85, sunny; Cut Bank 71, sunny; Billings 77, sunny; Minot 65, partly cloudy; Rapid City 73, sunny.

Southwest: Phoenix 108, sunny; Albuquerque 84, sunny; El Paso 88, sunny; San Antonio 87, thunderstorms; Brownsville 86, thunderstorms.

Central & Upper Midwest: Lubbock 84, mostly sunny; Dallas 87, partly cloudy; Oklahoma City 84, mostly sunny; Kansas City 76, sunny; Minneapolis 62, mostly sunny.

Ohio Valley: Chicago 67, partly cloudy; St. Louis 79, mostly sunny; Detroit 66, partly cloudy; Cincinnati 81, partly cloudy.

South: Houston 88, cloudy; New Orleans 88, partly cloudy; Memphis 86, mostly sunny; Atlanta 73, rain; Charlotte 69, rain; Jacksonville 88, thunderstorms; Tampa 87, thunderstorms; Miami 88, partly cloudy.

East: Norfolk 77, rain; Washington, D.C. 72, rain; Buffalo 64, cloudy; New York City 78, cloudy; Boston 79, partly cloudy; Caribou 62, partly cloudy.