State of Emergency in Hawaii, Winter Storms Moving in over Lower 48


Hawaii’s Governor issued a state of emergency as “catastrophic flooding” threatened the island chain, and thousands left without power, while winter storms moved in over the lower 48 and a ramping up this week.

State of emergency in Hawaii: Power outages, flooding, damage

Hawaii Governor David Ige declared a state of emergency for the island chain as it came under the threat of “catastrophic flooding,” as a major storm has downed trees and flooded roads across the Hawaiian Islands, NBC reported.

At least 4,175 residents were without power as of 8:30 AM, according to

Ige said the declaration will allow the state to use funds to provide “quick and efficient relief of suffering, damage, and losses caused by flooding and other effects of heavy rains.”

The emergency relief period will run until at least Friday, December 10, Ige said.

Winter storms moving and over lower 48, the start of the ramp-up

A series of winter storms are moving over the lower 48 this week, beginning on Tuesday and ramping up over the progression toward the weekend.

Here’s your current 3-day outlook according to the latest forecast by the National Weather Service (NWS):

Tuesday: Scattered snowstorms in the West over Montana, Idaho, Hawaii, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. In the upper Midwest, snow over Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and the Ohio Valley over West Virginia, Ohio, moving into the mid-Atlantic over Pennsylvania and New York.

NWS winter weather advisories

The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued the following winter weather alerts for Tuesday:

Winter weather advisory: eastern Washington; northern and central Idaho; Western and southeastern Montana; Western Nebraska; southeastern Wyoming; Western Colorado; Eastern Utah; northern and northeastern Nevada; Southwestern Michigan; south-central New York; northeastern Pennsylvania.

Winter storm watch: North-central California; Western Nevada.

Wednesday: Scattered snowstorms in the West over Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and New Mexico. For the upper Midwest and Ohio Valley, scattered snowfall over parts of Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. In the mid-Atlantic and Northeast, widespread snow over nearly the entirety of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Thursday: Winter conditions will ramp up significantly across the nation. In the West, snow showers over parts of Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Colorado. Heavy snow is forecast for portions of Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico. In the central US, so over South Dakota and Nebraska, with potentially heavy snow over northwestern Nebraska. In the upper Midwest, snow over Minnesota, while potential ice storms over Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. Potential ice storms over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Snow for New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire.