Strong to Severe Storms and Heat Wave throughout the Week

Two-thirds of the nation will see thunderstorms throughout the week, with significant severe weather on Tuesday and another outbreak on Thursday, while record-setting heat to persist into next week. The 3-day forecast.

NWS weather alerts for Tuesday

Here are your weather alerts from the National Weather Service (NWS) for Tuesday.

Severe thunderstorm watch: eastern Oklahoma; western Arkansas; eastern Texas; northern Louisiana.

Flash flood warning: central Oklahoma.

Flood warning: central and eastern Oklahoma; northwestern Arkansas.

Excessive heat warning: Northern Arizona.

Excessive heat watch: Southeastern California; Southern Nevada; Northwestern, southeastern, southwestern and central Arizona.

Heat advisory: Southeastern New Mexico; western and southern Texas.

Red flag warning: Central and western Texas.

3-day forecast: Strong storms and heat wave throughout the week

Thunderstorms will spend two-thirds of the nation throughout most of the week, while a series of weather disturbances is going to bring strong and potentially damaging storms, particularly over the Midwest and South into the end of the week, the Weather Channel reported.

A heat wave will continue this week with the likelihood of shattering records, particularly in the West and Southwest, with triple-digit temps even reaching the northern regions of California. The high temperatures are expected to persist into next week.

Here is the latest 3-day forecast from the National Weather Service (NWS).

Tuesday: 2 severe storm fronts, flash flood risk

Thunderstorms will stretch from the northern Rockies over the Midwest, South, including most of Florida, parts of the southeast into Ohio Valley, and over the entirety of the mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Two areas of severe weather for Tuesday. The first is an enhanced Level 3 severe weather risk over western and southern Nebraska into northern Kansas. The same front brings a Level 2 risk over eastern Wyoming, southwestern South Dakota, Nebraska, eastern Colorado, Kansas, western Oklahoma, and into northern Texas.

The second severe storm front brings a Level 2 severe weather risk over southeastern Oklahoma, central and northern Arkansas, southeastern Missouri, northwestern Mississippi, western Tennessee, and southwestern Kentucky.

Heavy rain will bring a risk of flash flooding over portions of Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Wednesday: Thunderstorms, low severe weather risk

Thunderstorms over parts of the Southwest, southern Plains, and over much of the South, and the entirety of the mid-South, Southeast, Ohio Valley, mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

A marginal chance of strong storms, thus far, from the Southwest across the southern Plains into the Southeast, although weather conditions could change.

Thursday: Severe weather for the Midwest, flash flood threat

Scattered thunderstorms over parts of the northern Rockies, Southwest, upper Midwest, Midwest, South, Southeast, mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Level 2 severe weather risk for the Plains over central and southern Nebraska, much of Kansas and into north-central Oklahoma.

Heavy rain could bring potential flash flooding over north-central, central and southeastern Kansas into northeastern Oklahoma, southwestern Missouri, and northwestern Arkansas.