Top Weather Forecasters Give 2021-2022 Winter Forecast

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If you live in the West, it already started feeling like winter and early fall, with the arrival of snow, but once we officially reach winter, what can we expect? Here are predictions from 2 top weather forecasters for 2021-2022.

Winter 2021-2022 winter outlook

Parts of the West have been receiving mixed precipitation and heavy snow in some areas for the past two weeks. Fall only officially started on September 22.

Many are wondering: Is this a precursor to what we can expect this season – and early winter?

AccuWeather and the Old Farmer’s Almanac just released have their forecast for 2021-2022, here’s a look at their predictions.

AccuWeather winter 2021-2022 predictions

West & Southwest: Mainly dry and warm. The exception will be southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.

Northwest: Rain and mountain snow.

Northern Rockies: Heavy snow at times.

Upper Midwest: Periods of cold and snow.

Great Lakes & Northern Plains: A colder than normal winter, with lake-effect snow.

Southern Ohio Valley & Mid-South: Wet periods.

Southern Texas: Mainly dry.

South: Wet periods in northern regions of Southern states.

Florida and Southeast Coast: Mild, mainly dry.

Northeast: Early winter arrival will be colder than average, with periods of cold and snow. Along the Atlantic seaboard, expect rain and snow.

The Old Farmer’s Almanac winter 2021-2022 predictions

Far West: Mild, dry.

West & Northwest: Cold, dry.

Northern Rockies: mild, snowy.

Southwest: Mild, dry, except for southern New Mexico which will be cold, snowy.

Central US: Mild, snowy.

Upper Midwest: Mostly cold, dry. Northern Michigan and Eastern Wisconsin will be cold and wet. 

South-central US: Oklahoma will be cold, dry. Northern Texas will be mild, wet, extreme West Texas, cold, snowy, while the rest of Texas will be cold, wet.

South: Cold, wet.

Mid-South and southern Ohio Valley: Cold, snowy.

Northern Ohio Valley: Cold, dry.

Southeast: Southern South Carolina will be cold, wet, while Northern South Carolina, North Carolina, as well as central and southern Florida will be cold and dry. Northern Florida in the Panhandle will be cold, wet.

Mid-Atlantic: A mixture between cold and dry or cold and snowy, especially along the eastern seaboard.

Northeast: Cold, dry, except for central and northern Maine which will be cold and wet.

Alaska: The South will be mild and wet, while the majority of the state will be mild and snowy.

Hawaii: Warm, dry.