US in Store for Cooler Air Going into the Weekend


The United States is heading for a cool weekend after an unseasonably warm week. Humidity and heat have been up throughout the beginning of Autumn this year, but forecasts are now calling for a cooldown in much of the country.

Highs in the middle of the week range from 79 degrees in Atlanta to 69 degrees in New York, though these temperatures are expected to plummet into the end of the week.

By tomorrow, Chicago will be seeing highs of 54 degrees, while Minneapolis will be looking at a high of 49 degrees. Those cool temperatures will begin to float into the Southeast into the end of the week, with the high humidity and temperatures falling precipitously with the arrival of a cold front from further north.

Cooldown Expected

The forecast is calling for a cooldown throughout the weekend that will actually trend below yearly averages for this time of year. Throughout much of the US, this cooldown will bring some much-needed relief from what has been a surprisingly hot October so far.

On Saturday, Dallas will see lows of 50 degrees, while Jackson will see lows of 46 degrees. Atlanta, likewise, will be looking at lows of 45, Pittsburgh will see a frigid 34, and Lexington will likely see a bone-chilling 33.

This cooldown is coming largely due to the arrival of a considerably powerful cold front, brought on a southerly trajectory by the jet stream. While some people aren’t quite ready for the very low lows that winter will bring, others are sick of the lingering heat from this summer.

Alberta Clipper

Next week, a fast-moving Alberta Clipper is likely to bring some early snow accumulation to this fall.

An Alberta Clipper is a storm system that typically moves from West to East and takes a sudden dip southward over the border between the US and Canada. After doing so, it makes a loop to the east before swinging back north into Canada. Generally speaking, these storms are short-lived but can bring sudden snowfall to regions in the Northern US.

The system is expected to bring a few inches of snow across the northern Rockies, before moving over North Dakota and into northern Minnesota. Parts of Wisconsin and even Michigan could be clipped by the storm as it moves across the country. Thankfully, at only a few inches of accumulation, it is unlikely that the northern regions of the country will be unprepared.