Volatile Mix This Week: Nor’easter, Bomb Cyclone, and Severe Weather

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From west to east, a volatile mix of wild weather this week. The West will deal with a bomb cyclone delivering flooding rain, snow, and a wintry mix, amid severe weather in the central US, while the East braces for a nor’easter.

Atmospheric river delivering flooding rain, debris flow, and evacuations to West

Mandatory evacuations have been ordered and part of the Western US, particularly in recent burn areas, under the threat of mud and debris flows.

The National Weather Service warned that parts of northern California could see “potentially historic” rainfall as storms produced debris flow and mudslides over the weekend. The area saw flooding and blocked roadways; one boulder flow completely blocked both lanes of a highway in Butte County, the Washington Post reported.

Monday’s weather alerts

The National Weather Service issued a number of alerts for Monday for the region.

Flood warning: north-central, central, and south-central California; western, northern, and north-central Nevada.

Winter storm warning: northern, north-central, and eastern California; western Nevada; southeastern Idaho.

Winter weather advisory: western Wyoming; northern, north-central, and southern Utah; southwestern Colorado.

Tuesday: Rain and mixed precipitation will continue for northern California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, and portions of northern Arizona and northern New Mexico.

Wednesday: Rain for northern California. Rain and mixed precipitation for Oregon and Washington. Mixed precipitation for Idaho and Montana. Snow for southwestern and south-central Montana, western Wyoming and north-central Utah.

East braces for nor’easter on Monday and Tuesday

The full impact of a developing bomb cyclone and nor’easter is expected to be felt Monday night into Tuesday on the East Coast. Residents should expect strong, damaging winds up to 60 mph, along with 20-foot waves along the coast and up to six inches of rain and some areas, Massachusetts Live reports.

Monday’s weather alerts

The National Weather Service (NWS) issued the following alerts for Monday:

Flash flood watch: Central and eastern Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, southern New York and New Jersey.

Storm warning: Along the Atlantic coast from New Jersey to Maine.

Gale warning: Along the Atlantic coast from the Carolinas to Maine.

Tuesday: A threat of flash flooding over parts of New Jersey, southern New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, southern New Hampshire, and southwestern Maine.

Wednesday: Rain will continue over the Northeast, while the threat of flooding will diminish.

Severe weather for the rest of the US

Several days of severe weather are in store for the Central US, the South, and the Southeast.

Monday: Forecasters from the National Weather Service issued a warning for potential severe thunderstorms on Monday over parts of the Mid-South and Southeast for eastern Tennessee and eastern Kentucky, northern South Carolina, western and central North Carolina, Virginia, and eastern West Virginia.

Tuesday: Thunderstorms will be prevalent over the central US as the threat of severe weather moves over the nation’s midsection through Central Texas into central and western Oklahoma, central and western Kansas, and south-central Nebraska.

Wednesday: Thunderstorms move slightly east, where the threat of severe weather moves southward along the Gulf for eastern Texas, southern and central Louisiana, southern Mississippi, and southwestern Alabama.